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Application of Anodised Aluminium Plates

All anodised aluminium plates offered by us can be processed using a laser. Moreover, you can choose between 9 colours with a matt or glossy surface, and the anodised aluminium plates can be delivered sealed or unsealed. Amongst others, our anodised aluminium plates can be used for laser engraving, screen printing and anodised printing.

Our anodised aluminium plates are manufactured in a sophisticated process and offer a wide range of application possibilities. Whether in the electrical industry, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering or in laboratory technology – our anodised aluminium plates are always a reliable material.

Robust anodised layer for aluminium plates
During the anodisation process, the surface of the anodised aluminium plates is passivated to protect the metal against corrosion. This is also called electrolytic oxidation, a process during which a natural oxide layer is formed under atmospheric conditions. In order to improve the hardness and look of this oxide layer, the thickness of the anodised layer is increased by means of the anodisation process. Due to this, the resistance of the aluminium to humidity, chemical substances and scratches is enhanced. Although the protective layer has a thickness of only 2 – 20 µm after the anodisation, it has the same hardness as glass.

This is why anodised aluminium plates is a popular material in the building industry, the automotive industry and many other application fields. In addition to the excellent properties, it is very easy to process. Even the disposal of anodised aluminium plates is easy because the anodised layer does not have to be removed. Therefore, anodisation is not only an ideal way of surface finishing, it is also environmentally friendly.