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Aluminum Sheet Metal for LED

LED aluminum sheet metal production, promote the development of heat application industry, since the LED aluminum sheet metal heat dissipation characteristics, plus aluminum sheet metal with high heat, low thermal resistance, long life, resistance, voltage, etc., along with improved production technology, equipment, product Prices accelerated rationalization, and then expand the application fields of LED industry ,, such as home appliances products of light aluminum sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal car headlights, street lamps and aluminum sheet metal and other large-scale outdoor billboards. The successful development of LED aluminum sheet metal, but will become indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products and services, the LED industry future markets wider.

LED aluminum sheet metal products project covers the entire industry lighting products, such as commercial lighting, interior lighting. Overall situation, LED aluminum sheet metal in the next few years is still maintained rapid development, the export value will grow steadily, but export growth declined. Domestic sales due to the continued economic development, then ushered in a period of rapid growth.

However, China’s LED aluminum sheet metal industry nearly five years of rapid development, and today also caused a fierce competitive situation. Because LED lighting-related technology and thermal performance and other reasons, the LED in the slow development of the domestic market, while the majority of LED lighting for export, in this regard continue to develop in the LED aluminum sheet space and time. In the next country to overcome under the guidance of, LED aluminum sheet metal technology will become more perfect, domestic demand will keep rising.