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Specifications of 6061 Aluminum Sheet Metal

1. Introduction of 6061 Aluminum Sheet Metal
Aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminum alloys or pure aluminum with thickness of 0.2mm – 600mm. According to alloy, aluminum sheet metal can be divided into 1000 series to 8000 series. 6061 aluminum sheet metal belongs to 6000 series alloy and it is also a key product in aluminum deep processing industry. As for the technology, 6061 aluminum sheet metal refers to sheet rolled from aluminum ingots. Mg and Si are added to 6061 aluminum sheet, thus, it has middle strength and good resistance to correction. There for, it is generally used industrial structure frame, which requires high anti-correction, such as truck, construction, ships, trolley bus, railway transit, etc.

2. Processing Flow of 6061 Aluminum Sheet Metal
The processing flow of 6061 aluminum sheet metal is pretty complicated: semi-continuous ingot casting, homogenization, cutting, milling, heating, hot rolling, annealing, cold rolling, solution treatment, aging treatment, slitting, leveling, examining, packaging, etc. These are basic procedures of 6061 aluminum sheet metal. Generally speaking, the processing technology of 6061 aluminum sheet metal is more complex, thus, its processing fee is higher than other common aluminum sheet metal. At present, the technology of 6061 aluminum sheet metal has been mature in domestic. And there are many manufacturers in the central part of China. Henan Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is one of them and it is a listed company.

3. Conclusion
6061 aluminum sheet metal of Haomei Al. can manufacture thickness of 0.2 mm-500 mm, and max width of 2800 mm. Common tempers are T4, T6 and T651. Temper T651 is eliminated internal stress, so it is high quality aluminum sheet that after heat treatment and pre-stretch technology, and it is also highly suitable for processing. However, temper T6 of 6061 aluminum sheet is the most common one. Haomei Al. is a comprehensive enterprise in processing aluminum sheet metal, aluminum foil as well as aluminum coil, covering all alloys from 1000 series to 8000 series. The annual production capacity of Haomei Al. is 650,000 tons, which is pretty impressive. 6000 series aluminum sheet metal belongs to a kind of mature product in Haomei Al., and holds stable market share in aluminum deep processing for decades.