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Synthesis Technology of Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet Metal

Aluminum honeycomb sheet metal is a typical sandwich structure, which is composed of panel, bottom plate and middle aluminum honeycomb. Aluminum honeycomb sheet metal products with superior materials, advanced technology and reasonable structure advantages, not only in large scale, the smoothness of the outstanding performance, and there are many choices in shape, surface treatment, color etc. In addition, the panel in addition to the use of aluminum alloy, but also according to customer needs to choose other materials, such as: copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, glass fiber, fire panels, etc.

Aluminum honeycomb sheet metal in the middle have special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core, generally by the hardness of H19 aluminum alloy composition, as the adhesion in the sandwich structure of the core plate, in the tangential pressure. The interaction of the dense honeycomb like many small beams, can disperse the bear from the panel direction pressure plate of the uniform stress, ensure the panel in a larger area can still maintain a high level, in addition, can greatly weaken the cellular hollow plate body thermal expansion.