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Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

Color coated aluminum product also as pained aluminum product, just as its name, the process is coating the surface of aluminum sheet or aluminum coil with different color. Color coated aluminum sheet is usually used as curtain wall for decoration. Haomei aluminum are willing to offer and introduce color coated aluminum sheet to my dear friends.

The common types are fluorocarbon color coated aluminum (PE)and polyester color coated aluminum(PVDF), they are widely used in aluminum sheet and plate, aluminum plastic composed sheet, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, roof, scrap, cans and even electronic products. Its performance is very stable and not easily to be corroded, if the surface layer after special treatment, the color coated aluminum products can reach 30 years quality assurance, the weight of unit volume is the lightest one in metal materials, color costed aluminum is one of the most popular new profiles. The curtain wall aluminum sheet can also be with electrostatic spraying surface treatment, powder spraying materials mainly use the polyurethane, polyurethane, epoxy resin as raw material with high color pigments, to get dozens of different colors of spraying powder, then coating the powder on the surface of the aluminum sheet, then we get the color coated aluminum sheet, and its decorative effect is very good. If you are eager to purchase color coated aluminum products no matter color coated aluminum coil or color coated aluminum sheet, you can get in touch with our sales manager by phone or e-mail, I am sure Haomei can give you a satisfied service because Haomei are a professional manufacturer of aluminum products for years. Haomei aluminum learned and gained and grown up with the support from our customers, now we have more and more clients, but we remember our task in heart deeply, that is we only supply qualified products and professional service.