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The advantages of Aluminum Roofing Sheet

The aluminum roofing sheet has many applications, like construction at airport terminals, aircraft maintenance depots, stations and major transport hubs, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, exhibition halls, large public entertainment facilities, public service buildings, shopping malls, commercial facilities and residential buildings. The reasons why does aluminum roofing sheet has so many application in no wonder that it has many advantages, as a professional aluminum roofing sheet manufacturer, we summarize the advantages as 11 points.

1. Advanced design, economic, reasonable, meet the function requirements of thermal insulation and noise reduction.
2. Natural circulation and ventilation, long using life, good corrosion resistance and seasonality, life-long maintenance.
3. No screw exposed on the surface, eliminating pollution and aging problems, the appearance of building is completed.
4. Superior waterproof performance and good air permeability.
5. Roof system is closely connected and the overall lightning protection system of the structure as a lightning protection flashover.
6. The roof can be set skylight and automatically open fire windows.
7. Roofing sheet allow to extend and move under the temperature difference, the vertical length of each board is not limited.
8. Can withstand greater load, allow installation and maintenance personnel walking on the roof, safe and solid.
9. Can be made into fan-shaped, fan arc according to the needs of project. Each board is with simple structure and lightweight.
10. Fire performance has passed the European fire test – grade AA.
11. Mobile machinery and equipment on-site processing, installation fast and simple.