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Technology of Aluminum Mirror Sheet Plate

Technology of Aluminum Mirror sheet:
Aluminum Mirror sheet, introducing the production process of mirror surface aluminum from Germany—hot rolling mirror surface technology, being offline successfully. The specular reflectance could reach above 86%. It could be used in the anodic oxidation treatment. The hot rolling mirror surface aluminum solves the defects like low efficiency of the domestic polished mirror surface aluminum, the residual polishing paste on the surface and the unstable mirror surface effect as well as reduces the cost greatly, making the benefit for the customers!

Related knowledge about the Aluminum Mirror sheet
The mirror surface aluminum is divided into various kinds, the grade is from the high to the low, including the filmed mirror surface aluminum, domestic polished mirror surface aluminum, imported polished mirror surface aluminum, imported oxidized mirror surface aluminum and the super-mirror-surface aluminum plate.

How to choose the proper reflecting plate according to the features and the orientation of the products? If you want to make the product with quality of high-end, you can choose the imported mirror surface; if it is low-end, you can choose the domestic one. Now the features of the domestic mirror surface are having no protective treatment, the mirror surface will change with the time and the price is cheap; while features of the imported one are that the reflectance is stable, divided into 2 grades of 86% common mirror surface and 95% super-mirror-surface and the price is a little higher. The best mirror surface is from Germany and Italy.

The simple test way:
The mirror surface aluminum plate with anodic oxidation, after tearing off the protective film, touch the mirror surface with the finger, the sweat of the finger will leave on the mirror surface but after cleaning it with the dry cloth or tissue, the finger mark will be cleaned without any mark left.
The mirror surface aluminum plate without oxidation is different; the left finger mark will be dirtier with the cleaning. The mirror surface effect could not be recovered finally.

The advantages of hot rolling Aluminum Mirror sheet
1. The reflectance of the hot rolling Aluminum Mirror sheet of haomei Al is 7%-10% higher than the polished mirror surface aluminum plate;
2. The hot rolling mirror surface aluminum plate solve the issue that the anodic oxidation process could not be done to the traditional domestic mirror surface aluminum plate; no wax point on the surface, the surface processing of silkprint and heat transfer printing could be done directly;
3. The hot rolling mirror surface aluminum is produced by the full automation equipment, comparing with the production way with semi-automation of the traditional domestic mirror surface aluminum, the productivity is increase 10%, the quality consistency is 90%. Therefore the cost is reduced 30%.

Application scope of the series products of mirror surface
Reflecting board of lamps and lamp decoration, reflecting material for solar heat collection, interior architectural decoration, out wall decoration, panels of the household appliances, shell of the electronics, furniture and kitchen, interior and exterior decoration of the automotive, name plate, identification, luggage and casket and so on.